Imperceptible stunning Koh Kradan 

The island I was awaiting eagerly since we arrived in Thailand was even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. 

But to start from the beginning, I definitely thought my dream was over the moment we arrived in Koh Mook (Neiboring island). No ferries going to Koh Kradan at all, just private boats that cost a fortune. And if that’s not worse enough, there was nothing open, I mean NOTHING open. From not even 10 hotels in high season, just 1 was open (guess what: it was not the cheapest one) – The compromise we found for ourselves was going on an one-day trip with a long boat to Koh Kradan and than to a cave Koh Mook is famous for. In the end we ended up paying way too much just for Koh Kradan, because the cave didn’t work out (you start to get used to a couple things being longer in Thailand, so let’s not discuss the reasons it didn’t work out). But even the couple hours we spend on Koh Kradan made me speechless. I have never been to a place I couldn’t believe the beauty with my own eyes. And I know this is the island I need to come back to and need to stay for a couple nights, as we wanted. For me, that’s the Thai-island of my dreams. 

And if you ever happen to be around the corner, don’t be as stupid as me – hang on your dreams even if you need to force a fisher to take you with him, this island is worth it: 

Boat trip from Koh Mook (on the pictures above) to Koh Kradan

I mean, that’s the positive point: we had this island for our own!

Water like this…

Taking Thai-snack with us.

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