Undiscovered Koh Mook

After our one night on Koh Phi Phi we went off and stayed one night on Koh Lanta. An island, we just didn’t fell in love with, although everyone was super sweet and Koh Lanta has definitely its own beauty. 

And then we really had to fight to be able to see what we had taken into our heads. Because of low season (we’re in the middle of the low season) there are no ferries ⛴ going down to other islands at all. – After many tourist agencies and way to much money spent, we went by bus down to the pier close to Koh Mook  and from there on with the food-ferry finally on the island we wanted to see so badly.

Typical traffic jam on the landing stage. I mean, why walk a hundred meters to the boot if you can drive?

Being super touristy in the food-ferry

Welcome to the „put off your shoes country“, no matter how your feet look (airport, supermarket,..)

And in the first gasp, we were a little disappointed. The water was gone (I mean really gone, ebb means there the water goes 300-400 meters away), nothing opened, and we felt like stranded on an lonely island. The only thing that got us really were the massive amount of trash everywhere, especially at the beach. I mean, that’s not what you imagine talking about about your dream island. 

But after one night and some little strain (I’m very crabby if I don’t get my breakfast, so we drove around the island, trying to find something to eat despite chips. Finally we found an little little „supermarket“ we were able to ask if they would cut us a pineapple. Of course with hands and feets, no one understands a word English) we just took bikes and drove around, and suddenly, we fell in love with the imperfect in a perfect way island. Of course it’s touristy in high season and then restaurants, cafes, Supermarktes and tourist agencies are open, but we had this island for our own, completely! (Well, we saw 2 other tourists) and that made it so special for us. 

So we stayed instead of one or two nights three nights and discovered more than picture worthy places we didn’t want to leave again at all. (Sorry for so many pictures, I couldn’t decide)

And truly relaxed for the first time and it was breathtaking. 

And our resort (although we had some misunderstandings) was idyllic as well:

Drinking smoothies and playing card games, that feels like vacation

On our second day we decided to do an one-day trip, but more about what we saw there in the next post. 

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