Phi Phi

Arg, I’m getting so frustrated by the layout of my blog. It takes so much time to do it on the iphone and whenever you upload it, it looks awful, so I’m very sorry about that! I will go over it whenever I have my laptop and will add the pictures from my camera as well-

So this was that, now let’s take a look at Koh Phi Phi:

An stunning island, you can tell already whenever you first see it through the ferry-windows. BUT there is a huge BUT, it’s a tourist-party-paradise. And that’s not overstated! We actually just spend one night over there, and that was wonderful, but after that we had enough already.

I know it doesn’t look like it on this picture, but it was stuffed with people everywhere!

Even more beautiful at night with all the lights and bars and restaurants! But after 10pm everyone just gets drunk and the parts music goes on- beach atmosphere you can only find close to the beach at small bars now.

Early the morning, before our ferry would leave to Koh Lanta, we decided to take a quick walk up to the typical touristy view point/ well, we ended up having to run because we underestimated the way, but the view was worth it!

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