Ray Leh

Being for more than a week in Thailand, here is my first review about my touri-realizings:

– suddenly 50 Baht for a meal is actually pretty expensive (about 1,30€)

– 7-Eleven occurs to be your favorite spot for EVERYTHING! (Breakfast: 25Baht sandwich) 

– You already can’t see or smell any noodles (how many weeks to go again?)

– You just (as a matter of principle) don’t pay the price you’re told! (Especially taxi, NEVER do that!) 

– Realize that every second store is a „tourist information“ (no: that are travel agencies)

– Streets in Thailand? Just run, don’t ever stop and better don’t look! They will figure out a way to drive around you

So, and now to my day in Krabi, not the district (which is huge!), but the city. We went to Ray Leh Beach, that is known for one of the most beautiful beaches in the world! Our first beach experience, and it was quite exciting, because the weather was a little cloudy and windy and the boat tour to reach the beach (just by boat), was, I have to be honest, a little scary. You go by Long Trail Boats and they had to fight the waves a lot and we were as wet as you can be whenever we could finally leave the boat. 

But: it was an incredible day, the first day we spend being lazy (although it took us 1,5 hours to arrive), but still! 

the thrilling boat tour


the beautiful beach, although the weather was cloudy!

the highlight of the day was whenever we discovered that in the middle of the beach there was a small trail going inside the forest with loud music, bars and monkeys 🐒 A great atmosphere and a must see if you stay in Krabi city!

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