Red Taxis and gold 

Our second day in Chiang Mai…

So hard to decide what to do: going to another city or just staying, because on Sunday our flight was scheduled to the south of Thailand. We decided to really get into Chiang Mai and visited Wat Phra That Doi Suthep. Of course because there was still so much to see, but to be very honest we just couldn’t sit that long again after our crazy beginning and needed to stay at one place for longer than one night. 

Doi Suthep is a temple placed on a mountain not too far from the city, but you do have to haggle a lot with the taxi drivers to make this trip worth the costs. They will always start very high, on trips they know you have no other choice, that you need the taxi. (Places far out or to the airport)
For us it definitely was worth everything! 

Me, enjoying sitting in the taxi after we walked all day yesterday.

The first thing you see whenever you look up- before you reach the actual temple (pictures below) you have to walk up a loooong dragon stairway, which is supposed to bring luck. (But there is ropeway as well)

Doi Suthep is beyond stunning and the most golden temple we saw since we have been here

Cutie pie copying my picture idea

The view from up there is incredible! You can walk around in this huge complex and although it’s full of tourists you still discover places alone

All the way up to the entrances you can find many many stores with souvenirs and food – all of them sell kind of the same, but still it’s fun walking around!

We were so lucky seeing hundreds of monks wandering up to the temple, I hope they didn’t need to walk the whole 14km!

Afterwards we went to three different night markets in Chiang Mai. I have to say: there are prettier ones in Thailand (my personal opinion). But still, they are huge, easy to reach and diverse! 

Warorot Market, Night Market and Night Bazaar. The first one is the less touristy one, the last one the most touristy one, but still the best one I think! 

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