24/1 DUBAI

An one day city trip is crazy? Especially in a huge city like Dubai? – It definitely is, but it’s still so worth it! 

We arrived at 5am in the morning and left the next morning at 3:30am to fly straight to Thailand, our final destination. Dubai is very hot at this time of the year, with more than 40 Celsius in the shadow you feel unable to go out between 11am and 6pm, at that time try to do inside activities. Public Service is crazy cheap, we paid for each day-ticket (all zones) 5 Euro! I can only recommend it, even though taxi is probably the more chill way, the busses and the metro have air conditions as well as the bus stops. It’s clean, very new and not hard to understand, that way you save money for other things. Furthermore the metro goes straight from the airport to everywhere you wonna go (red line).

Now, I have to shorten myself: In the following are my personal 5 highlights:

MALL OF THE EMIRATES – such stunning architecture

SOUQ MADINAT JUMERAH – not so easy to find, but definitely worth it! In the background you see BURJ AL ARAB, in my personal opinion that building is not worth going, despite you want to spend a day at the beach & don’t care about paying entrance

THE DUBAI MALL: I was so impressed, not only by more than 1200 outlets, I mean you expect from the biggest mall in the world that she is unusual huge, but all the surroundings, you’re amazed by every step you take. Suddenly there is an aquarium, ice rink or an dinosaur.

BURJ KHALIFA – I mean.. that view just made me speechless. Being 454 meters above earth and in the highest building in the world, its unforgettable. If you plan on it, order your tickets before, very important! We payed 125 Dirham per ticket instead of 400Dh and had no waiting time!

DUBAI FOUNTAIN – an absolute MUST DO! Because it’s free, from 6pm on every 30 minutes and just simply wonderful!

Dubais skyline

I’m so sorry, if this one and the hopefully coming ones are not so pretty in design. It’s not so easy posting everything from the iphone, I hope you still enjoy it! 

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