This year I finally got to celebrate 4th of July again! – After my weekend in Oslo my swedish sister Jennie picked me up and we drove to her home in Sweden, not too far from Oslo. It was incredible seeing her again after two years, what a reunion! Three years ago we spent our American Exchange Year in the same hostfamily. Going through ups and downs together in another country made us not only sisters but outstanding friends by choice. Her boyfriend, an born-and-bred American and Jennie gave me the feeling being in America again for a day.

Foto 03.07.17, 19 22 50

We threw a small cute garden party, typically for America with barbequed burgers and hot dogs, sodas and beer, games and music. Jennie and Jake invited some friends and we had a simply wonderful night with a bunch of mosquitoes I´m definitly not used to in that whole extent. Of course I missed to take many pictures, but I can only recommend to, even if you have not a reason like 4th of July, to just take time to celebrate the being together outside in summer weather, it´s honestly close to no effort at all. An Icebreaker I reeeeally love is the game Kubb.

Our shoot with the American Flag:

Foto 08.07.17, 13 45 35

Levis skirt (I know I have already shown it, it´s just my favourite right now) & top from Hollister

Foto 08.07.17, 13 45 33Foto 08.07.17, 13 38 57Foto 04.07.17, 22 43 02

Foto 04.07.17, 22 57 36

Foto 04.07.17, 22 55 57

my favourite model in the world

Foto 04.07.17, 22 49 26

true sister love

Foto 06.07.17, 10 12 25

of course we had to do Polaroids (my Polaroid is the SPIRIT 600)

Foto 05.07.17, 02 12 53 (1)

Sparkler are just a most-do!

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